Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots is for children aged 3* – 4 yrs old. It encompasses skills based games that are focused on participation and fun while developing gross motor skills, fitness and balance.


Focus on fun with no times, distances being measured. Just plenty of Playtime outside with new friends.


Parents need to stay with their children and help and encourage their involvement. Perfect time to spend together.


Children love to run and play and it helps keep their fitness up even when they are little, its still important.


Running, Jumping, Balance, Hoops toss and throwing activities with real events like long jump and running races make saturdays fun.


Every child loves to play. Tiny Tots makes play engaging through different and new activities especially when its with other children.


$ 10 for a 2 week TRIAL. Its $ 80 for an entire season & includes a FREE tiny tots shirt. TRIAL cost is deducted from season price if you proceed to a registration.