These are records of the best performances by Bankstown athletes on our home ground The Crest. Ground records can be set in any event during official Little A’s competitions held at the Crest which includes Saturdays, Gala Days, Centre Championships, Zone, Regional and State Carnivals. 

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These are records of best performances at The Crest by athletes from other centres which are better than or equal to those recorded by Bankstown Sports athletes.
When a Bankstown athlete betters an existing open record then the open record no longer exists.

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Electronic and manual times have been standardised to be in line with LAA ABP’s. For distances under 400m, 0.24s has been added to hand held times. For the 400m and 4 x 100m relay, 0.14s has been added to the hand held time. For distances greater than 400m, there is no change to the time. All standardised times are indicated with a [S]. The old State Records have been archived.

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