Code of Conduct

Australians are justifiably proud of the place sport has in their daily lives. But what is equally important to us all is the way the “game” is played and the manner in which our sportsmen and sportswomen conduct themselves.  

Unfortunately, some people (both participants and spectators) fail to live up to the traditional values of sport.  Young people involved in sport have a right to participate in a safe and supportive environment. Over zealous parents and adults, and ill tempered, disrespectful athletes, sometimes need to be reminded of appropriate standards of behaviour for Little Athletics.

Little Athletics is a community activity, which utilises athletics to help foster the development of Australia’s children, and as such, endorses and applies the following Codes of Conduct.   The privilege of membership with the Little Athletics NSW (LANSW) may  be withdrawn where it is determined that a person’s conduct is  inconsistent with the mission of the LANSW and in clear breach of the Codes of Conduct.

• Show respect to coaches and officials. Never argue with an official
• Control your temper no “mouthing off” throwing equipment etc.
• Never verbally abuse, sledge or deliberately distract or provoke another athlete.
• Do not bully or harm another athlete.
• Do not use bad language or obscene gestures at any time.
• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all athletes and officials, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural round or religion.

• Never ridicule or yell at an athlete for making a mistake during a competition.
• Respect the officials’ decisions. If there is a disagreement always follow the appropriate procedure/s in order to question the decision.
• Never use violence, threats or abuse in any form.
• Keep to designated spectator areas and do not encroach on the arena or other competition sites if you are not officiating.
• Ensure that any physical contact with a young person is appropriate to the situation and/or necessary for the athlete’s skill development.