Athletics Track Etiquette

To ensure the safety and fair competition of all athletes the following rules and etiquette should be adhered to:

1.Treat the track like a road, look both ways and make sure it is safe to cross.

.Do not cross the throwing sectors when in use. Walk around the back of the cage, circle and runway. The safest way to the other side is around the outside.

3. Throwers must ensure that no-one is in the throwing sector when they are throwing. Other athletes must ensure that they do not walk or run across the throwing areas when throwing training is in progress.

4. In general, offer everyone the courtesy and respect you would expect them to give to you. Let’s make this an enjoyable experience for all!

5. CHILDREN must be supervised at all times to avoid collisions with training athletes.

6. Don’t use headphones or your mobile phone on the track or infield. This is potentially dangerous and may stop you from hearing other track users or safety announcements.

7. The in-field is generally out of bounds unless you are a competitor or an official in the event in session. This means that, if you are late for your event, you have to walk around the outside of the track. This may take longer but will help prevent you from being hit by a throwing implement.

8. Use of Equipment may only be removed from the store room and used with the permission from our coach’s. All equipment must be returned to the store room at the end of training.

9.The steeplechase water jump is not a swimming pool and the jumps pit is not a beach! Similarly, the high jump and pole vault mats are for landing on not for resting or playing!

10.  No athlete has precedence over another when using the track regardless of their ability. If a faster athlete wishes to pass a slower athlete then the faster athlete should shout “overtaking” in plenty of time. Overtaking should take place on the outside. The slower athlete will be expected to maintain their lane and allow the faster runner to pass.

11.  Always be aware of nearby track users. When you finish an interval look over your shoulder and move off the track.

12.  Please do not leave your litter for others to clear up, and make sure you keep your valuables safe.